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Mon, 03 Aug 2015 15:10:10
Posted By: dean bradley

Today house owners are looking for those quality final touches on what is a significant investment. Trickle vents that blend into the window add one of those touches. This is seen in these images where anthracite grey modular vents are installed over frame, where you need close inspection to see these cleverly positioned vents for the provision of background ventilation.

Glazpart has confirmed the launch of 14 new trickle vent colours for its traditional low EQA trickle vent range for 2015.  These include the trickle vent designs of the Standard, Slim line and modular trickle vents in all current sizes. Also included is the range of flat grilles ideal for over frame or patio / Bi-fold door applications. The colours are designed to match the colour palette of UK market system houses where linear foil needs to be matched.

New for 2015 14 new colours are added to the product ranges, these include;

                Cream white                          (Nearest RAL 9001) and cream matched to RAL 1015

                Basalt Grey                            (Nearest RAL 7012)

                Agate Grey                             (Nearest RAL 7038)

                Hazy Grey                              (Nearest RAL 7001)

                Anthracite Grey                    (Nearest RAL 7016)

                Slate Grey                              (Nearest RAL 7015)

                Quartz Grey                           (Nearest RAL 7039)

                Dark Red                               (Nearest RAL 3011)

                Wine Red                               (Nearest RAL 3005)

                Dark Green                            (Nearest RAL 6009)

                Moss Green                            (Nearest RAL 6005)

                Plain Irish Oak                      (matched to Irish oak foils)

                Steel Blue                                (Nearest RAL 5011)

                Chartwell Green

There is something for everyone in the 2015 Glazpart colour range

For Installers these new colours add value and the final finishing touch to a quality installation.

For Distributors and trade counters the 2015 product packages increase sales and footfall with an unmatched colour range. The standard vent is ideal for repair and maintenance for retrofitting damaged customer vents.

For Fabricators these 2015 trickle-vent colours and components add value and increase margins to your products.


According to Dean Bradley – Sales and Marketing Manager

The 2015 colours extend for our customers the range of products that seamlessly blend into window frames and sashes matching the increasing need for coloured and foiled products. This follows the market trend as customers select colour and wood grain products and add value with colour coordinated hardware and vents”  

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